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Peter and Alice are lifepartners who share a deep interest in Sacred Geometry, Earth Spirituality and the growing awareness of Unity of Being in human consciousness. Through Meditation, Rebirthing and their studies of Sacred Geometry they have reached the point where they want to share their findings with anyone who is searching for a broader outlook, or simply different ways of experiencing daily life.  

More recently they have come into contact with various indigenous cultures from all over the world. On their individual pages they will each tell you personally about their training and projects.


Ever since I was a little child I have felt a deep connection with Nature. And though I was raised to worship in a Christian church, I always felt curious about all religions and their doctrines, even the lesser-known ones, so I tried to read about them as much as I could. I always found that if you went back far enough, the fundamental message was usually much the same.

Alma y Xolotl

Alma is formed as a psychologist at the "Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México". All her traditional knowledge comes from the lineage of her grandmothers from Tenochtitlan, Veracruz and Oaxaca. She applies this knowledge as a healer and a mother. Together with her partner Xolotl she is Lineage Keeper of the old Nahuatl tradition.
Her knowledge of obsidian as a healing tool is expansive. In Mexico City, she is considered by many as one of the most powerful traditional healers.
Jose Luis Chavez Martinez was interested in Nahuatl culture from his youth and devoted himself to the understanding and spreading of ancestral knowledge, such as worldview, philosophy, astrology, dance and of course the Nahuatl language. He also has basic knowledge of the Mayan language and culture. His knowledge of astrology is great and he gives workshops and private lessons in astrological calculations according to the Aztec Calendar.
Currently he is professor of Meso-American Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Teacher of Classical Nahuatl Language at the National School of Anthropology and History and teacher of Nahuatl Language and Culture at the Institute of Higher Secondary Education Mexico City.
In addition to the work for the conservation and spreading of the Nahuatl language in different regions of the territory of Mexico, he is the founder and chief of Tlatlatzinc (the Thunder Clan), a group of ceremonial dancers promoting the ancient tradition of the Mexica


From the 1970s onward, I became fascinated by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, The Maya prophecies and many other things. These all had in common links with the "unseen world" and the energies working in both the visible and invisible world.

Doña Marquesa

Is a young medicine woman from the Q'ero nation of Peru, designated by her aunt, Doña María Apaza - the last female Alto Mesayoq of the Q'ero 

community - as the person who will carry 

forward this wisdom in her community, 

having been accepted by the Apus, the high mountains of the Andes, as such.

She regularly travels to Europe with Peter&Alice to facilitate workshops about the ancient wisdom of the Inkas and to give powerful healing sessions based on the knowledge passed on to her by her lineage.

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