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On this page I would like to tell you about my personal search.

About me

From the 1970s onward, I became fascinated by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, The Maya prophecies and many other things. These all had in common links with the "unseen world" and the energies working in both the visible and invisible world.


After reading Robert Monroe's books, I followed a course of his Hemisynch Method; a form of rapid relaxation, followed by working with energies in both the astral world and the "real" world. I still use many of these techniques today.


Although the Monroe method does include periodic cleansing of negative energies, I felt I had to try another way of cleansing. Then I read Bob Frissell's "Nothing in this book is true, but . . . etc.", which led both Alice and I to do a rebirthing workshop with Bob, in California. For me, this was an invaluable tool for quick and effective cleansing.


After meeting Bob, it seemed only natural to take his Flower of Life course. This sacred geometry course teaches the construction and reactivation of your lightbody or Merkaba. It explains the holographic nature of all we perceive and Lucifer's variation on the theme, causing the duality in the dimension we currently occupy.


Effectively this means that when we wish for instance to create peace, we will create an equal amount of war simultaneously. The same thing happens with other opposites like wealth and poverty, unless we perceive and create from the heart instead of the mind. We learned this and practiced with Drunvalo Melchizedek in his Living in the Heart workshop. We loved this workshop so much that we did it twice!


Around the same time we were drawn to the energies that Slim Spurling was working with, so we followed a workshop with him and his wife, Katherina. Here Alice and I learned to work with the Light-LifeT Tools; the rings, harmonizers and coils, and how to dowse for certain energies and block them where necessary.


But after all these experiences something still seemed missing for me. Everything we had tried so far mostly appealed to me because of my left-brained or logical stance in life. The left side of your brain is logical and the right intuitive. I've had a long career as an airline pilot, which is a pretty left brained activity, so the way I felt wasn't exactly surprising!


This is how we were drawn to the Shamanism of the Andes; the wisdom of the Q'eros, descendants of the Inca priests. Their deep connection with nature, their ceremonies and initiation rites, all work together to reactivate our dormant light bodies; perceiving and creating from the heart. For me this was the intuitive link that was missing.

Certain prophesies of the Q'eros said that they should descend from their mountain villages "when the glaciers start melting" and share their wisdom with the rest of humanity as this is vital for our survival. This started to happen about thirty years ago.


One of the beautiful things about the ways of the "Andes path" is that you are encouraged, after receiving the initiation rites, to pass them on to other people; spreading a ripple effect with an ever increasing speed throughout humanity.


Both Alice and I became convinced that we had to contribute to this process in any way that we can. The big challenge is to keep people creating and perceiving from the heart, after they have left a workshop or ceremony and are flung back into daily life. When we're out providing for our families, paying mortgage and bills or facing the daily deluge of impressions from the media, it all tends to push us back into our heads instead of our hearts.


This is why we facilitate shamanistic workshops with the Munay-Ki initiation rites, inviting some of our Q'ero friends whenever possible.


We also facilitate workshops with the Light-LifeT Tools of Slim Spurling whenever we can. We feel that sensing the energies associated with these tools can be a real help in learning to create these energies within yourself!

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