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Terra Sacra

Terra Sacra is not only the name of our registered trademark, but also the name we have given to the land we live and work on in the Pyrenees. It is located in the most southern valley of France, close to the spanish border. 

Mas de Cos

Is our home. It consists of a big house, a smaller house and some ancient buildings. The house has been built on the fundaments of an 8th century castle that was used by Catalan nobility of the time for hunting. Having been destroyed several times throughout the ages the current house was rebuilt in 1843. It is surrounded by wild forest and mountains that belong to the Massif du Canigou, culminating in the Pic du Canigou (2 784 m). Belonging to the Mas is the Çhapelle Ste-Cécile (809) that belongs to the original 'Camino de Santiago'. It is at appr. 2 km distance from the Mas and we regularly celebrate ceremonies and rites there.

The water for the houses and the swimmingpool situated in the middle of the forest comes from a natural mineral source that belongs to the Mas.


Adjacent to the big house there are two comfortable appartments with two bedrooms, kitchenette, dining room and bathroom each. This is where our guests who come for workshops or therapy will stay. They are also for rent for up to 5 people who want to spend some time in nature. Guests of the gîtes have access to the natural swimmingpool, garden, mountain and forest belonging to Mas de Cos, as well as the ancient 'Chapelle Ste-Cécile.


In the middle of the forest that belongs to Mas de Cos there is an open space where we have a big fire pit. Here we maintain the open space with traditional non mechanical tools. This is where we celebrate the Temazcal or Sweatlodge. This native ceremony that is performed throughout the American continent is a powerful purifying experience for all participants.

Alice has received permission from an ancient North American lineage to pour the Inipi and has also received training from Mexhica teachers Alma & Xolotl. Her ceremonies are a fusion of the different traditions that have formed her as a medicine woman. Peter is the guardian and keeper of the fire in these ceremonies.

Apu Tour de Cos

Apu means 'Place of Power' in Q'echua, the ancient language of the Inkas. In the Andes these are mostly mountains. Tour de Cos is our resident mountain. It belongs to the Massif du Canigou and resides over the Vallespir, the southernmost valley of France. In the region people still come to celebrate San Juan, lighting a fire on it´s top. In ancient times there was a watchtower on it's top where a fire was lit as part of a long row of fire towers (like in 'Lord of the Rings´) to warn the people inland of attacks from sea. Hence the name ´Tour de Cos´. From it´s top we have a wonderful view of the Massif du Canigou, the Valley, the mediterranean and we can look right into Spain. Eagles nest there and circle it regularly.

River la Fou

This beautiful mountain stream is a tribute to the river Tech that meanders through the Vallespir towards the mediterranean. It is where we celebrate all our waterceremonies. There is a small waterfall with a pool under it. Great to bathe and energetically clean power objects. We can feel and sometimes even see the devas around this magical spot.

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